About Us

Standpharm is dedicated to support people through their health challenges. For more than 30 years, we’ve combined science and innovation – to create more possibilities for more people through the power of health. Our adaptiveness and responsiveness to changes has helped us deliver better solutions to help people live their best lives. As a leading pharmaceutical company located in Lahore, we have garnered reputation as one of the best in industry and cemented our place in Top 50 Pharmaceutical Industries in Pakistan.

The allegiance, passion and the teamwork of Standpharm family has helped in maintaining its market leadership position. Innovative and risk bearing ideas are encouraged at Standpharm. The company's work atmosphere encourages openness and excellent performance, with risk-taking and creativity encouraged and rewarded.

The STANDPHARM family is committed to provide affordable medicines to people without compromising on quality. From antibiotics to painkillers, from neurological and psychotropic medicines to multivitamins, anti-ulcerants, antihistamines, cough preparations etc, - we cater to everyone’s need.

Primary Goal

We at Standpharm Pharmaceuticals believe in quality and are dedicated to enhancing human life through developments, manufacture and sale of quality pharmaceuticals products. We work effortlessly for our patients and customers to cope up with the changing environment and to provide with the needed pharmaceutical help.


The company motto On the Move ... for Health is the main motivating force behind the success and achievements of the Standpharm.

Quality Policy

We at Standpharm believe in quality and our commitment to excellence is reflected in our pursuit for achieving the highest standards. We share these sentiment with people working for Standpharm at every level and aim to provide top quality products to our consumers.


We at STANDPHARM believe in diverse modes of marketing. The core of our Marketing is based on customer needs. We strive to provide thorough information about our products to our customers. Being a patient centric organization, we design our strategies by keeping the customer needs in mind such as Continued Medical Education for Healthcare Professionals. Our products are managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced pharmaceutical marketing professionals.

The Eight Portfolios are managed by vigilant and exuberant marketing professionals which form the nucleus of the marketing department. They are responsible for keeping the sales team abreast of the latest trends and developments in the field of medical knowledge and scientific overtures. Their product information, assiduous attention, and efforts in implementing the marketing tools and strategies give them an edge over their competitors in the field.

Future Goals

• Launch of new and research based molecules
• Expanding our portfolio of Generic products
• Setting up of an additional selling team in line with the company’s policies
• Acquiring and adding state of the art Quality Control equipment to the existing facility
• Adding state of the art equipment to our production  facility
• Helping health professionals in attaining medical education
• Conducting awareness & educational programs for general public on hygiene and disease management
• Addition of new therapeutic segments to our existing product lines

Distribution Network

Today, more than ever before, effective supply chain management has become an integral part of business and is essential to any company's success and customer satisfaction. One of the major reason of enormous improvement in sales trends of Standpharm is its strong nation-wide distribution network all over the Pakistan. We have a distribution network of 55 distributor’s nationwide ensuring uninterrupted availabilities of Standpharm’s medicines to its customers with lowest rates and high standards. We have Maintained long term business relationship with all our valuable distributors. Covering all bounds of country today we are playing with the size of around 620 commercial team members supporting our distributors.

Global Presence

Our key to success depends on understanding the needs of each geographical territory. To accomplish this endeavor, Standpharm is committed to bring health and happiness into the lives of millions everyday across the globe by offering state-of-the-art healthcare solutions under the marvelous edifice. Our approach relies heavily on our strategic selection of people and successful global partnerships. We are strengthening and expanding our direct presence in emerging markets and establishing strategic partnerships in the rest of the world.

The challenges for the international markets have always been viewed as an opportunity and Standpharm has now successfully established its market presence in Afghanistan among other prominent names.

We are continuously engaged in collaboration with different strategic partners around the world. With strong quality control and state of the art manufacturing processes, we are seeking new avenues and exploring opportunities.